At the age of 15, I landed my first job selling ice cream at Thrifty’s. Most people from the West Coast would recognize these iconic cylinder-shaped scoops of great-tasting flavors at a very reasonable price. But I was eager to find a company that would hire me at fifteen. In my eyes, my father is my hero.  I see him coming from humble roots and transforming himself into an accomplished man through his perseverance and hard work.

Residing in Los Angeles allows me to take full advantage of the zest that L.A. has to offer. I like going to the theater, plays, musicals, and comedy shows. I also enjoy spending time outdoors with adventuresome hiking outings, going out to eat, and traveling.

I have received my Master of Business Administration Degree (M.B.A.) from UCLA where I discovered my passion for investing. My first real job right out of college was as a Financial Consultant. What mainly motivates and drives my passion to work hard is for the outcome itself of investing. My best piece of professional advice that I have ever received is, “You are your word.”

One of my biggest accomplishments so far has been the ability to mentor people and help them through life challenges and the planning of their careers. Understanding and empathy have allowed me to contribute to those accomplishments. I share a similar sentiment for Social Justice and think it’s important to humanity as a whole because of the impact it has to affect so many people. In the near future, I hope to start a business that helps people to achieve this goal and zeal for society.