3 Easy Investments Everyone Should Make

If you are like most money motivated people, then you are looking to increase your capital: one way or another. The best way to achieve this goal is to learn how to make your money work for you. Investments are an active method by which you willingly risk your money in hopes of receiving a greater reward in the future. Sometimes an investment can go south, but a lot of times a well made investment can pay an investor time and time again. One thing is certain though, you must take the time to understand everything you can about any investment you enter into, so you can go in with both eyes open. This way you have a much better opportunity to get a return on your investment, rather than lose your shirt. The following are three easy investments that everyone, including you, should take full advantage of while there is still time.

Investing in Bitcoin

When it comes to short-term investments that turn a huge profit, Bitcoin is one of those investment vehicles. The great thing about Bitcoin is that speculation about makes it a volatile cryptocurrency. Volatility is a key sign of a good investment vehicle, because it is both risky with a great rate of return on your investment if you work it right. You must understand how Bitcoin fluctuates with respect to the dollar, for example, to know when you are buying in at a good price with the potential to increase in value. You must also know when you have reached a good price so that you can sell your bitcoin back for dollars to realize a genuine profit. It really comes back to the old idea: buy low and sell high. With the frequency at which Bitcoin moves up and down and the distance it moves, there is a lot of room for you to earn huge returns on your investments numerous times in a single year.

Investing in Precious Metals

Another great investment that you, and everyone you know, should be getting excited about centers around buying and selling precious metals. Like Bitcoin, you are again working off of an exchange rate. The difference is that precious metals like silver and gold move at a much slower rate. But, if you get to know the historical prices of precious metals with respect to a currency like the dollar, you can stand to make all kinds of money hand over fist. Precious metals tend to do well when currencies like the dollar do poorly. So, even if the economy were to completely collapse, precious metals would likely become the obvious currency for use as a viable exchange for product. The reason is because precious metals have a perceived value as being worth something because of their composition. For example, gold is worth a lot, not just because it has a monetary value, but because it has an industrial value for use in electronic component manufacturing as well. It is a type of currency and a raw resource at the same time. That is an important reason why precious metals are a stable investment vehicle. Precious metals are some of the easiest assets to unload too, because everyone is always looking to buy at the right price.

Investing in Collectibles

One of the easiest investment vehicles for you to consider is items that are considered collectibles. The beauty of collectibles is that their rarity drives their price up over time. For example, imagine all the toys manufactured during the 1980s. Many of these toys were taken out of their packaging, played with and even broken. The more units of a given toy from a limited manufacturing run that are broken or damaged in some way, the more rare and valuable mint condition versions of these same toys are to collectors—especially if you have a perfect sample in all original packaging with excellent lithography. Other collectibles include, but are not limited to, cars, movie posters, record albums, figurines, baseball cards, old guitars and a host of other interesting items. What is great about collectibles, that a lot of people do not know, is that most people selling old collectibles rarely know the worth of what they are selling at a discounted price. This means that with a modicum of homework and investigation on your part, you could make off like a bandit if you learn the market for the right type of collectible items. Another thing that you may not know is that savvy collectors make far more return on their investment into collectibles than most people make in their dwindling 401k retirement funds. Would you rather retire with investments that always increase in value as they become more rare over time, or would you rather risk your money on a retirement plan like a 401k that could bomb out if the market crashes?

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